Alpine Excursions


An interesting mix of riding terrain is readily available from our doorstep, from woodland trails to white roads and mountain passes.

The Italian Alps offer fantastic riding affording you the opportunity to explore the narrow winding roads and smooth hairpin bends of which there are too many to count. Almost as many as the numerous picturesque villages you’ll pass on the way.


On the other hand, Italy’s bike trails are plentiful ranging from easy going woodland tracks to the smooth and rocky fire roads. We are surrounded by the Morainic Serra (the longest in Europe), and extensive forest that reaches up towards the mountains. Here you’ll find hillside tracks that plough into deep woodland opening every so often onto open farmland, offering glimpses of the most amazing views, heading onwards toward mountainous rocky tracks through watering holes and unspoilt areas of outstanding natural beauty.

The motorcycles we have to offer are a selection of Big Trail Bikes, Retro Styly!! These include Yamaha XT600, Honda Transalp, and Honda Dominator, also  Super Tenere or Suzuki DR Bigs depending on availability.  These we believe are a good variety of capable bikes for the terrain  we will be riding on, as experience has proved, they are both comfortable on the road and on the smaller stuff.

Usually no more than four riders are taken out at any one time, each journey covering between 100 to 300km per day depending on the chosen route. During each day we’ll stop for refreshments every hour or two and at lunchtime the local cuisine of a nearby village is ready and waiting. After a great days’ riding our resident chef Pino will provide you with expertly prepared Italian dishes which you may enjoy in the privacy of your own accommodation, either inside or on the deck. Alternatively, during our summer months the local lake, situated 2kms away affords numerous restaurants and the opportunity to take a dip.


"I've spent half my life riding, mostly around the streets of London, dreaming of open roads and reduced traffic. This stemmed from a love of trail riding through scenic panorama, without the hassle of others moaning I shouldn’t be riding through the countryside. It was this frustration that drove me to take drastic measures, leaving behind England’s congested roads in favour of a more relaxed Italian culture, for myself and my family this was the perfect solution”.




Dave Nunn-Owner and Rider

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