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Crash helmets are compulsory in Italy, other bodily protection is largely up to you. However, safety as well as enjoyment is the key to successful riding and we recommend you wear full protective gear, a jacket, gloves and boots being the minimum requirement. We do not provide protective clothing as we feel wearing your own gear will allow you both comfort and peace of mind. For any additional equipment you may wish to carry we recommended a lightweight backpack be worn.


Although obvious, you must also bring your passport, which must be carried at all times along with both parts of your driving license that you should have held for at least two years. We will need to see these on arrival.




We recommend you take out your own insurance policy whilst riding in Italy to ensure you receive full medical protection in the event of injury. An E111 is sufficient however you will have to pay any medical costs upfront which you can then claim back. Unfortunately this can take a considerable time to resolve.


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